The 80/20 Rule

I saw my eye doctor today in my quest to find contact lenses that are comfortable enough for me to wear for more than 15 minutes. We’ve been at this for the last five years. In 2008 I spent $300 on a year’s supply of contact lenses that I should have sent back after the first week. It turns out that I am in a minority. Dr. Friedman said that 80% of his patients are near-sighted. This means that their prescriptions are in the “minus” zone. I have the distinction of being in the 20% of his patient pool being far-sighted. This means that my  prescriptions fall into the “plus” zone. Unfortunately, there is no Lane Bryant in the world of contact lenses. Of course my near-sighted friends who have a -10 prescription can wear Accuvue Oasis disposable lenses. For far-sighted, astigmatic people like me, there is no such option as these only go up to a  +6. This is the equivalent of being a size 14 in world that stops jean production at size 12.



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