Biscotti for Dummies

Since my disastrous last attempt the evening of the Oscars, I decided to give it another whirl after finally figuring out what happened. Aside from the fact that the recipe did not seem like it would make 4 dozen biscotti, I erroneously put in a cup of kosher salt versus a cup of sugar. I don’t know exaclty how this transpired but I must have been preoccupied and dumped the salt over the sugar. The were horrible and had to be thrown away.

Today, I made a respectable batch with whole wheat flour, apricots, cranberries, and almonds. They are definitely not as good as my cousin Lori’s, but I am hopeful that they soon will be. I think I may add some olive oil and rosemary to the next movie. The truth be told, I am not a good baker because baking requires precision. I cook with passion and measure and assess things through my eyes, my ears, and my mouth.


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