Ma Vie

I grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, initially on States Avenue then eventually migrating to Ventnor Avenue. Over the years,  I have managed to live in Atlantic, Middlesex, and Essex counties, accumulating numerous phone numbers with various area codes.

After living in Highland Park for 10 years, I moved to Nyack, New York where I spent close to a decade happily living a few blocks from The Runcible Spoon. Among the many delights of living there was being able to view the Hudson River from my third floor apartment in a wonderful renovated Victorian house.

I began my  professional life at ABC-TV, then moved on to marketing and promotion at Working Woman and Playboy magazines. A short time after my media stint I landed in the healthcare industry where I met someone who was very smart, knew everything that I didn’t know and we decided to start a company. As fatuous as this may sound, I have always felt that between us, we knew most of what is necessary to know in order to be in the world. Two years into our experiment we hired someone who was also very smart and who would soon become our business partner. If I had to define our roles, I would say we are the Visionary, the Pragmatist, and the Rebel respectively, which make us a rather tenacious triad.

For close to ten years I have had the privilege of working six blocks from my home in an entrepreneurial environment that feels more like camp than corporate life. For me, my office is more like a lab where I have the opportunity to invent something new everyday.

Every morning I see  people walking to the train, commuting to their jobs in Manhattan, and it makes me want to throw myself on the ground and thank the universe that I don’t have to do that anymore. I also get to work with my husband (a fabulous graphic designer) and many other people whose talent and commitment are greatly appreciated.

Lately I have felt the importance of imagining the next chapter as I savor each and every day of this present journey. I see myself waking up in  Rome, having coffee with my husband until 10:30, then moving on to my desk to write until early afternoon.

Except on the days that I have my art history and cooking classes.


3 responses to “Ma Vie

  1. Faith Porada

    What a journey it has been so far! Congratulations & here’s to the next chapter!

  2. Susan

    Please let me know what coffee shop in Rome to meet you….I can’t imagine a better way to start the day!

  3. Great, Deb!! Enjoyed reading your posts. I look forward to more and the book’s publication!

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